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The package is based on the image of monster balls, which is the real pleasure of Pokemon, and is designed so that you can enjoy the monster ball experience inside and outside the box. The outside is a fun to open a monster ball, and the inside of the box is with an Amida lottery that depicts the Pokemon coming out of the monster ball. The snack inside is a chocolate character that is very popular with children in the shape of the popular character "Pikachu". (With calcium). By adding condensed milk, it has a rich flavor. As a bonus sticker, all kinds of sticker with a three-dimensional effect that is shaped like a character not found in other companies are included. (40 types in total) It's a fun snack to open and a fun to eat.


Corn grits (not genetically modified), sugar, vegetable oil, margarine, cocoa powder, sweetened milk powder, caramel sauce, salt, cream (dairy product), fermented flavor powder, lactose, cacao mass, whole milk powder, protein hydrolyzate, cream Powder, caramel pigment, uncalcined egg shell Ca, flavor, emulsifier, trehalose, (including wheat and soybeans as part of the raw materials)