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Royal Family upholds Taiwan local spirit to make the bouncy skin of Japanese daifuku by the best glutinous rice flour with the finest and smooth appearance that do not stick to your teeth. The satisfying serving makes you can't wait to have it a try. You'll immediately taste the fragrance and sweet flavor of Taiwan local Irwin mango, sweet and sour taste of fresh Taiwan Daihu strawberry, as well as sweet and elegant taste of Taiwan's premier Lalashan peaches wrapped in cotton candy overflowing in your mouth after having one bite, making it the best choice of gift when visiting relatives and friends to eat with a good pot of tea for spending the leisure time

Tropical fruit mochis (passion fruit, mango, lychee) - Tropical Fruity Mochi: Lychee, Mango, Passion Fruit


Maltose (28%), Sugar (18%), Sticky Rice (18%), Diamidon Hydroxypropyl Phosphate (E1442) (7%), Mango Juice (5.8%) Grape Juice (5.8%), Lychee juice (5.8%), Wax squash (4.96%), Trehalose (4%), sorbitol (E420) (1.4%), Butter (1%), Palm oil (0.07%), Gelatin (0.05%) Flavor (0.04%), Betanin (E162) (0.02%), Carotene (E160a) (0.02%), Red Radish (0.02%), Monostearin (E471) (0 , 01%), Potassium Sorbate (E202) (0.01%).

ROYAL FAMILY TROPICAL FRUIT MOCHI 120 G has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews. 5 1