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Otafuku Takoyaki Sauce has a rich texture, dark color, and a subtle touch of sweetness, which is an ideal match for takoyaki.

This Japanese sauce is made of a soy sauce base and plenty of vegetables, fruits, and spices.

It will add authentic Japanese taste to takoyaki and any other dish.

What is Takoyaki?

Takoyaki is a Japanese savory ball-shaped food made of seasoned batter and filled with octopus or any other filling of your choice.

In Japanese, the word "tako" means octopus and "yaki" means grilled or cooked.

Thus, you can add different toppings and ingredients to the batter base. The most common filling is octopus, but you can also use squid, shrimp, cheese, etc.

As for the toppings, and besides Takoyaki sauce, you might want to add; Japanese mayonnaise, Katsuobushi (Bonito Flakes) and Aonori seaweed.


It can be consumed as it is without being cooked. You can simply top the sauce directly on the takoyaki.

You can also try to use it as a pasta sauce, or cook with vegetables, rice or meet.


  • Contents: 300g
  • Made in Japan