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Introduction of Product

The first chajang noodles enjoyed conveniently at home. National special dish!!No.1 Chajang ramyun accounting for more than 90% of the market for chajang ramyun in Korea, Chapaghetti.

Enjoy delicious Chajang noodles in just 5 minutes. Traditional menu for eating out in Korea, Chajangmyun is developed into more convenient Chapaghetti available anywhere and anytime. The advertisement catchphrase 'On Sunday, I am the chef for Chapaghetti' made Chapaghetti the Sunday lunch menu. Similar instant chajang noodles came and disappeared again and again. 

However, Chapaghetti has been popular for 30 years from its release ranking in the Top 10 in the market for ramyun. 

The basic recipe for a product: 

1. Open the lid up to the arrow mark

2. Add liquid soup base to the noodles and pour boiling water (170ml) up to the inside line

3. Close the lid and wait for 4 minutes

4. Stir well and enjoy