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Spicy Miso Soup - Premium Co  Groceries

Spicy Miso Soup

This is a miso soup with a little spicy twist. These are great for dinner parties in the winter as a starter to warm you up.


Spicy miso soup 

Serves 4 


800ml water 

1pk premium dashi powder 

1 tbsp organic miso 

1 tsp chilli oil 

4 sliced shitake mushrooms 

2 small diced firm tofu 



1 sliced red chilli 

1 spring onion sliced finely 




Step 1- Bring the water and dashi powder to a boil. 

Step 2- Add the miso and whisk in well

Step 3- add the chilli oil and sliced mushrooms and allow to boil for 1 min 

Step 4- add diced tofu and warm through

Step 5- serve the miso and garnish with fresh chilli, sliced spring onion and coriander. 



   All Recipes are proudly sponsored by Thirio Catering 

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