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Ryukakusan herbal throat lozenges~

Ryukakusan is an ancestral Chinese prescription of the Fujii family in Akita Prefecture, Japan. It was originally named because of the use of keel, antler cream and borneol. It was originally a product used by the "Satake Hou" queen in the Edo period. After many improvements, The animal ingredients were changed to plant ingredients, thus laying the foundation for the prescription of Ryukakusan, Until 1893, after four generations of Fujii Tosaburo further improved, Grind several kinds of plants into fine powder to achieve the now-famous Ryukakusan.

Materials / Ingredients Sugar, starch syrup, dextrin, herb powder, shower, juice, herb extract, acidulant, fragrance, coloring (safflower yellow)\


Added ultra-fine ryukaku loose grass and wood powder based on chamomile and wood pear,

Contains 19 fresh plant extracts such as licorice and honeysuckle.

Main effect

When the throat is over-used and the throat is dry, it provides a cool and comfortable feeling to the throat.

Relieve dry itchy and dry throat, moisturize and care for clearing the throat and throat.