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“Ramen Santouka" is a popular ramen chain in Japan whose head office is in the city of Asahikawa Hokkaido.Ramen Santouka is popular for its salt-based pork bone broth ramen “Tonkotsu Shio Ramen ” with a small picked Ume Plum “Koume” on top of it.

Satisfy even the most growling tummies with these quality salt flavoured ramen noodles from Nissin, made from the briny brilliance of fresh scallops caught off the coast of Hakodate. Loaded with local, rich ingredients from the northern Hokkaido prefecture, this ramen comes packed with nutritional wholewheat goodness and a supple springiness that's ideal for soaking up the refreshingly rich included broth. Famously caught local to capture the rawest seafood flavours, Hakodate scallops are quickly served into this light and robust stock, made to enrich your senses with hidden addition of fatty chicken and pork oil for hearty umami depth.

Ingredients: wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil, egg powder, vegetable protein, soybean, corn starch, sake, spice extract

Allergy Advice: Wheat, Egg, Soybean

Product of Japan