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This is not a pungent nor bitter variety, it has a delicious pleasant flavour. A fast growing crop with straight feathery leaves, 6-12 inches height. Can be used in salad or cooking as aspinach. Use as a spring tonic and blood purifying. Mustard cabbage and beancurd soup is extremely good for clearing inflammation.

Growing Guide: Any time except midsummer. Suitable temperature is below 28 degrees. Any soil with organic manure as base. Scatter seeds 1/4 inch deep then firm down soil. Water regularly, fertilise every 2 weeks and the plants mulched. Thin plants for food from 3 inch tall.

To avoid lower germination rate, please store the sealed packet in a cool, dark & dry place and plant the seeds as soon as possible.

The picture on this packet is a general guide only. Due to differentcountries of origin and cultivar, the end product might not be exactly the same.