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The famous Meiji Black chocolate bar has had a sophisticated upgrade! This high-quality chocolate treat from famous Japanese confectionery company Meiji is a must-try for all dark chocolate lovers. Meiji is possibly Japan's best-known confectionery company, and it has been producing chocolate bars since 1926 - plenty of time to perfect its recipe of fine-tasting, creamy chocolate. The decadent rich cocoa melts beautifully in your mouth unleashing a perfectly balanced bitter and sweet taste. Even dark chocolate haters will change their minds about these little bars of temptation! They come supplied in a handy slide outbox and inside is a tray with 26 individually wrapped chocolate blocks, each one printed with "Meiji" on the top. Unlike a lot of Japanese snacks, the packaging takes on a more sophisticated look and would make a lovely luxurious gift. The only downside is that due to the ease of the slide-out tray, these chocolate blocks might disappear in a matter of minutes!