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Slightly thinner than udon, soba noodles is a type of Asian noodle that is made of both wheat and buckwheat flour. Some use only buckwheat flour which is a gluten-free option. It is firmer and holds well for those wanting to eat this type of noodle with chopsticks. It can be used as pasta and it is usually light to dark brown colour. This type of noodle can be served hot or cold depending on the dish. The best way to prepare soba noodles is to stir the noodles upon boiling to make sure the noodles are immersed in water. An estimate of 5 to 8 minutes is needed to boil the soba noodles but you can refer to the cooking instructions on the label for a more accurate cooking method. This type of Asian noodles is not to be confused with Somen noodles which are made from wheat. Soba noodles are usually paired with eggs and shrimp and drenched in soy sauce and vinegar.



Wheat Flour, Buckwheat Powder, Bran, Wheat Gluten, Water, Salt, Caramel Powder, Allura Red AC, Brilliant Blue FCF.

Contains: Wheat


Made in Taiwan