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Make Mouth-Watering Chicken using Woomtree Chicken Frying Powder!

Woomchef’s Fried Chicken                             

Makes : 3 servings


Ingredients – Chicken 600g, WOOMTREE Chicken frying powder 300g(3 cups), Cold water 1 cup, Milk 1 cup, Salt, Pepper, Oil, Sanitary bag

(1 cup = liquid 200 ml or WOOMTREE chicken frying powder 100g)


  1. Add some cuts on the chicken.
  2. Wash chicken and drain it well.
  3. Soak chicken in the milk with salt & pepper for 30 minutes and drain it well.
  4. Mix 150g(1.5 cup) of Woomtree chicken frying powder and 1 cup of cold water well. Coat the mixture on the chicken.
  5. Put 150g of Woomtree chicken frying powder in a sanitary bag.
  6. Put chicken(a little at a time) in the sanitary bag and shake well & shake off the powder slightly.
  7. When the oil heats around 170° C / 338° F, deep fry chicken for a few minutes.

(Leg, Big piece: 4 minutes / Wing, Small piece: 3 minutes)

  1. After cooling chicken for 3 minutes, deep fry it once more.

(Leg, Big piece: 3 minutes / Wing, Small piece: 2 minutes)

  1. Serve chicken with beer or soda !


* Tip – It is more tasty if dipping chicken into Woomtree Black pepper sauce.


* Be cautious of burning.


Product of Korea

WOOMTREE CHICKEN FRYING POWDER 1 KG has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 3 reviews. 5 1