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Pre-Order Policy

Some products are out of stock and on high demand.You can now Pre-Order out of stock items to ensure you get what you so desperate looking for. We guarantee you the newest expire date possible!

How it works? 

Items with the badge Pre - Order are now available to purchase. You can order as many as you like. Please note that we cannot guarantee when you will receive the product. Due increase time at customs the estimated arrival can take longer then expected.  


Can I cancel my Pre-Order? 

Yes you can anytime you like. You will receive a full refund. If the order is not dispatched to your address.


What if I order Items from the Pre-Order Range and any other product from your store? 


We can only ship your order once we have all the items. In this case we recommend to place two separate orders. One with your Pre-Order items and one with the items you would like the be shipping as soon as possible.