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Shiryucha is a health tea that has a blend of carefully-selected ingredients useful for those who like fatty foods. 

This delicious tasting tea is recommended for those concerned about fat. 

This helps support your daily lifestyle rhythm and dietary habits.

A blend of 11 kinds of ingredients including eucommia leaf and pu'er tea.

  • Contents: 10g x 24 tea bags
  • Ingredients/Materials: eucommia leaf, senna tea, barley, brown rice, oolong tea, soybean, pu'er tea, mulberry leaf, licorice, green tea extract, konbu
  • Made in Japan
  • Manufacturer Name: Yamamoto Kanpoh Pharmaceutical
  • Serving Instructions:

・Adjust water amount in accordance with your preference.

・This is a food item, so you can consume it any time you like.

・Decocting in a tea kettle: Add 1 bag to boiling water (700cc-900cc) and simmer for approx. 5 minutes to decoct and then serve.

・Cold water brewing: Add 1 bag to a water pot, pour in water, put in the refrigerator, chill and serve.

・Iced: After decocting, allow to cool, put into a water pot or plastic bottle, chill in the refrigerator and then serve.

・Teapot: Put 1 bag in a teapot, add the suitable amount of hot water, then pour into teacups and serve.

  • Usage Precautions:

・Intaking a large quantity of this item does not cure disease of further advance health. Be careful not to intake excessively.

・On rare occasions, this may disagree with your constitution. Should this happen, do not drink.

・As this is made with natural ingredients, the color and flavor may change. However, there is no harm in using it.

・Store out of reach of young children.

・For dietary balance on a base of a food staple, main dish and side dishes.

  • Storage Instructions 

After Opening: This item contains grains, so use as soon as possible after opening to prevent the occurrence of mold and pests. Also, close securely with an elastic band or clip and store in a cool place. Take special care in summer.

Product from Japan