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A throat candy containing super fine Ryukakusan powder blended with chamomile and Chinese quince as the main ingredient, and 19 kinds of herbal extracts good for your throat. Containing 20% more Ryukakusan herb powder. Royal jelly and propolis blended. Mild milky taste. Easy to carry around.

Ingredients : Granulated sugar / Starch syrup / Creap / Palm oil / Herb powder / Powdered skim(nonfat) milk / Margarine / Propolis tincture / Royal jelly extract / Herb extract / Flavor / Colorant (Caramel, Chlorella) /Sucrose fatty acid ester / Acidulant

Main effect

When the throat is over-used and the throat is dry, it provides a cool and comfortable feeling to the throat.

Relieve dry itchy and dry throat, moisturize and care for clearing the throat and throat.