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Cooking sake is used in a variety of Japanese dishes. It is from the same family as Mirin but is less sweet. The alcohol makes it easier for the ingredients to absorb flavours, it also prevents boiling foods from disintegrating and gets rid of unpleasant odours from fish and meats. It is usually used in marinades and sauces and has lower alcoholic content than drinking sake (15 – 19%).


Cooking sake can be seen as the Japanese equivalent of adding dry white wine to dishes for extra depth of flavour. Add cooking sake to sauces and marinades, or use instead of white wine in Western cuisine for something a little different.


Why not use cooking sake instead of white wine to add Japanese flair to your cooking?
• Add a splash in marinades to enhance flavours and reduce odours (such as fish).
• Use in hotpots, soups and stew to keep ingredients moist and tender without disintegrating.


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