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You can enjoy the taste of adult egg-like sprinkles with the sweetness of "egg" and a bit of the spiciness of "black pepper". A little spicy flavor that even kids can enjoy. The strong flavor of the black pepper lent depth to the sweetness of the egg. It also left a bit of a spicy aftertaste.

Ingredients: lactose, egg processed product, sugar, wheat, salt, processed soybeans, beef, sesame seeds, margarine, red bean jam, palm oil, starch, miso, powdered vegetable protein, spices,  Raw materials and components (Chicken, bonito, seafood, yeast, onion, beef), seaweed, dairy product, soy sauce, mirin, chicken powder, seaweed calcium, chicken fat, dextrin, east, onion powder, GFS, reduced starch syrup, glucose, starch syrup, seasoning (amino acids), food colouring(caramel pigment, carotenoids, monascus red), cellulose, antioxidant (vitaminE, rosemary extract), fragrance

Allergen : egg, dairy product, wheat, beef, sesame seeds, soybeans, chicken