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Cooking on the fly? Don’t have time for hours of marinating? Whether you’re vegetarian or not, Happy Boy Mushroom Sauce is your genie in a bottle. Light splash on your stir fry veggies, noodles, meats or seafood for an instant flavour hit. You can add it also to stews and braises.

Taste: Umami explosion, savoury, hint of Worcestershire, viscose but pours well.

Uses: Anytime oyster sauce would’ve otherwise been used. This is ideal for stir fries of all kinds - noodles, vegetables, meats or seafood. Add it to braises, steamed dishes, stews.

Ingredients: Water 50.9%, soy sauce (salt water, soybean, wheat flour) 20%, mushroom extract 10%, sugar 8%, glucose syrup 4%, flavour enhancers: monosodium glutamate (E621) 1%, thickener: modified corn starch (E1422) 1%, preservatives: sodium benzoate (E211) 0.1%