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Everybody loves instant ramen! Here we have delicious chicken-flavored ramen. Just add hot water (around 100 degrees C, 212 degrees F), wait three minutes, and bingo! Delicious piping hot ramen! But be's hot! 

Ingredients : fried noodle (flour, vegetable oil, salt, chicken extract, pork extract, soy sauce, protein hydrolyzate), quickly (egg flavored egg, flavored pork, seasoning shrimp, flavored pork mince, onions) Soup (saccharide, soy sauce, salt, spice, protein hydrolyzate, flavor seasoning, chicken extract, pork extract, menma powder), processed starch, seasoning (amino acid etc), Ca carbonate, kansui, caramel pigment, thickening Polysaccharides, emulsifiers, antioxidants (vitamin E), carotenoid pigments, spice extracts, vitamin B 2, vitamin B 1, acidulants, smoked flavors, fragrances, (milk ingredients as part of raw ingredients, sesame seeds)

 Just adding hot water will take you through an irreplaceable journey of silky smooth noodles, variety of tempting toppings, and most importantly, a heart-warming tasty soup. Steep for 3 minutes 

Country of origin : Japan