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Enhance the flavor of ramen noodles, rice, and other DIY preparations by adding these colorful freeze-dried vegetable flakes to your meals. This 4 oz package makes 3 cups of prepared vegetables. To prepare, add an equal amount mix to boiling water and reconstitute for 5 minutes in hot water. No stove? You can also use cold water and rest 10 minutes. Dried Vegetables is a highly nutritious and practical flavor used to add color, aroma and flavor to plain dishes such as rice or soup with the flavors of different vegetables.
It is now much easier to make vegetable soup or pilaf with vegetables with our vegetable dried mixture, which contains vegetables such as spring onion, corn, seaweed, kelp, and carrot.
  • Packed in a heat sealed polyethylene bag.
  • Packaged to order for optimal freshness.
  • FRESH WHEN YOU NEED THEM - Perfect match for soup, stew, gravy, stuffing, ramen, pasta, casserole, and more. (Store in a cool, dry place. In hot or humid climates, store in a refrigerator or freezer)
  • When we say veggies, we mean veggies - premium blend, all natural, no stems, roots, or other weighty tricks