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500g noodle somen   노브랜드 소면 500그람 

Make a simple and reliable noodle dish with somen this evening. You can eat it as a banquet noodle with anchovy broth, or it's delicious if you mix it with spicy and sweet sauce and eat it as bibim noodle. It's okay to cook it alone, but it's also a great way to enjoy it with a richer flavor by adding a little bit to simmering or hot water. If you have one no-brand somen in your kitchen, your heart will be reassuring.

How to cook delicious noodles more easily

1. Boil a sufficient amount (800cc or more) of water.
2. Add somen and boil for 3 minutes and 40 seconds while maintaining strong heat.
3. While boiling, stir occasionally with chopsticks.
4. When the somen is finished, wash it in cold water.
5. This method is based on 100g per serving.

Product from Korea