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 Awase Miso Paste is a mixture of two or more miso pastes. The Japanese word “awase” here, means “combined” or “mixed” and you might see on the package “合わせ”, “合せ” or “あわせ” in Japanese. Depending on the manufacturer, the composition is different. You can enjoy the balanced flavor of multiple miso pastes. Combined miso with 3 types of miso (rice miso, barley miso, and soybeans miso). The mature taste of each miso produces deep and savory flavor. It contains bonito and kelp extracts. It provides more taste with a renewed mixture of bonito and kelp extracts. Marukome Boy Awase Miso is a blended miso that combines the classic rice miso with the less common barley and soybean misos. This combination creates a wonderful harmony of umami-rich flavors.

Ingredients: Rice Miso(Water, Soybeans, Rice, Salt), Barley Miso(Barley, Water, Soybeans, Salt), Soy Miso(Soybeans, Water, Salt), Bonito Extract, Bonito Powder, Kelp Extract, Alcohol, Seasoning (amino acid, etc.), Water