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Our BBQ Pork Buns are a Yum Cha classic - consisting of a light and fluffy bun stuffed with roasted Char Siu pork and our signature, smoky sauce. Simply steam for 10 minutes and the buns are ready! For the filling, we receive fresh, Australian pork shoulder every day which we trim and marinate before roasting in our in-house furnace. The open flame produces a crispy, velvet exterior whilst being juicy and packed with flavour on the inside. Our sauce is also made from scratch and has a rich, savoury taste designed to enhance the flavour of roasted Char Siu Pork. Unlike steamed bun recipes which require yeast as a rising agent, we use a traditional fermentation method when making our bun dough - allowing it to rise for 24-hours. The result is a fluffy and pillowy texture and a hearty aroma when steamed