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GOLD STAR Udon Noodle 500g.
Udon is a type of thick wheat-flour noodle of Japanese cuisine.
Udon is tradionally served hot in noodle soups but they can also be served cold and in braised dishes.
In its simplest form as kake udon, they are added to a mildly flavoured broth called kakejiru which is made of dashi, soy sauce (shōyu), and mirin.

It is usually topped with thinly chopped scallions. Other common toppings include tempura, often prawn or kakiage (a type of mixed tempura fritter), or aburaage, a type of deep-fried tofu pockets seasoned with sugar, mirin, and soy sauce.
A thin slice of kamaboko, a halfmoon-shaped fish cake, is often added. Shichimican be added to taste.